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feeling good one day - worthless the next

This will be my second post on here, a few weeks ago I found benefit in sharing on here. Especially reading other topics, it's great to know there are others out there because I feel extremely alone. 


The ironic thing is there is people I could talk too but I can't bring myself to bring my issues up with those around me. I feel somewhat embarrassed and I really don't want the attention. Attention scares me... it evokes feelings of axiety and a sense of unease regardless of the intention...


is there anyone else out there that feels this way??

Re: feeling good one day - worthless the next

Hey @Callabunga anxiety is horrible, I am sorry that this feeling crops up for you regularly. You're 100% correct a lot of folks experience this, especially a lot of the crew here on ReachOut. Well done on posting I reckon the community will be able to help you unpack this Smiley Happy

In terms of bringing up issues with the people you could talk to, why do you feel embarrassed? If there was anyone you could bring this stuff up with in your life - who would it be? I.e. best friend, sibling, etc.

Re: feeling good one day - worthless the next

Hey @Callabunga anxiety really does suck. Have you considered what @Bree-RO has mentioned? As to who you would tell?


I think that perhaps if you told only one person it would not be as overwhelming as telling multiple people. What do you think?