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nothing works

Breathing doesn't calm me down, meditating makes me more distressed to a level I can't handle, exercise is just exhausting, seeing my psychologist makes me overwhelmed with anxiety, and doesn't help, self harm does nothing for me at this point, distraction doesn't work because the memories keep coming back no matter what, I can't talk to my friends about it but I can't explain why, and no one understands anyway, I'm trying everything I can think of but it feels like there's nothing I can do, to cope, I can't stand feeling like this anymore I just want to feel better I want to go back to my old problems even they were better than this.

Re: nothing works

Hey @neko, sounds frustrating, you feeling like you have sort of tried every strategy under the sun without results? Has something happened today to make you feel this low? Here to listen.

Re: nothing works

something happened but it wasn't today and I'm not sure if I can say what it was, it's mostly that, but I have other problems adding to it. what can I do if there's no way to cope?

Re: nothing works

Hey @neko, I understand how frustrating it might be to feel like nothing works for you to cope. As for what you can do if you think there's no way to cope, I suggest writing down and taking note of any situations/contexts that you may believe might be causing why you might be feeling low. If you're unsure whether a particular situation might be causing it, write it down. Then from there you, along with your psychologist, can analyse these potential causes to figure out what might be the exact reason you might be feeling low and then come up with ways to deal with these potential causes, which in turn, will enable you to find ways to cope and recover. I understand that seeing a psychologist can overwhelm you with anxiety, but that's okay! It's not uncommon. Take it one step at a time. They can still help and support you. Btw, congrats on seeking help from a health professional. You've taken the one of the first steps on the road to recovery Smiley Happy

I should also let you know that the road to recovery can be quite long and daunting and as a result there will be times where you will feel like nothing works, but you will get there, I promise Smiley Happy Good luck.
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Re: nothing works

@neko If you're comfortable sharing it then we're all ears - we just ask that people don't go into too many specific details regarding types of self-harm/abuse/other really tough stuff


Regarding not being able to cope, I think the fact that you're still here says that you're pretty good at surviving. I also don't find breathing exercises or meditation very helpful so I'm not going to carry on about those... what about colouring in? Drawing? Seeing a movie with friends? Cooking? Hanging out with pets if you have any? It's also pretty normal to be super anxious about psychologist appointments (I still get jitters and I've been seeing mine for 18 months) - is that something you'd like to be able to work through?

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