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Re: Letting the negative self talk go

Time of day doesn't matter heaps, although doing it close to the time you go to sleep will help you sleep better and there's a fair bit of evidence to suggest that it helps you sleep better no matter when you do it.


Other than that, the only reason to do it at the same time each day (that i know of) is to help you form a habit of it as @Bay52VU said.  The biggest benefits of mindfulness, meditation and stuff like come from doing it pretty regularly.


Do you folks want to organise a session some time today? I will do my absolute best to tag along!

Re: Letting the negative self talk go

@Ben-RO I can help Smiley Happy Not today but I can help other days. 

Re: Letting the negative self talk go

Ah sorry I missed it I was flying around haha, I don't think I'll be able to help out with it this week, if I've got some down time maybe but I don't know yet I'll be busy having fun
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Re: Letting the negative self talk go

Obv. too late to organise properly for tonight but I'm doing one at 5:45pm AEST today if anyone's around.

Edit: Ooooor not since I can't even get the app working lol goodstuff.


Doubleedit: Ok, if you're going to do this make sure you update the app to the latest version. It has a completely different layout and it doesn't look like progress has been retained between versions.

Who's up for tomorrow 5:30pm?


Re: Letting the negative self talk go

I find that not only positive thoughts, but verbalizing them helps even more. You tell yourself negative things in your thoughts. Look in the mirror and tell yourself positive things. You'll start to believe them

Re: Letting the negative self talk go

Thanks guys for making a post about this. I think it is very relevant for us to question the negative thoughts in our mind and replace them with positive ones. This can sometimes be difficult, however talking to people and meditation are helpful tools.


Side note, this is a great community! I love how everyone wants to help out and suggest new things. Good work team Smiley Happy