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OCD & Anxiety Disorders Awareness Week

Hey community!


separation anxiety snake GIF by lillen


It's OCD & Anxiety Disorders Awareness Week and I know that there are many of us, myself included, that live with OCD and/or Anxiety everyday. 


We wanted to get behind OCD and Anxiety Awareness Week which is led by the Anxiety Recovery Centre in partnership with WayAhead.  You can find national resources on both of the links provided. 


Anxiety is something everyone experiences. Something that helped me to understand it was when a psychologist explained this concept to me, this video sums it up quite nicely. 




So, whilst anxiety feels terribly uncomfortable, it can helpful to know why it happens in the first place. What is explained in the video above really helped me to stop hating on myself for being anxious and allowed me to see that in some point in human evolution it served a purpose. The next step for me was learning how to take back the control in those moments where anxiety took hold.


It would cool if this could be a thread for us to chat openly about the tough times and also what helps us out of those really tough bouts of anxiety/panic.  


If you want to share your story, something that's helped you or even just show solidarity to your fellow anxious folk feel free to do so here Smiley Happy