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I just want to take a moment to acknowledge and commend those suffering from anxiety. Not in any way disregarding other disorders/struggles as lesser than, but I just wanted to focus on anxiety for the minute. 

I wanted to reach out and commend you for continuing on every single day. I know how debilitating it can be, how it can make you feel incapable of doing anything. That so many people so easily disregard it as anything serious. 

I want you to know that I understand and that I feel your struggles, so very deeply in my bones. 

I'm here, always, for those that would like to talk to someone that understands it from a personal level. I'm not saying that I'm free of it, I still have moments, I still struggle. Although I have learned to talk to the fears with logic. I don't have any miraculous solutions or answers to stop it, I have only personal experience with it and the ability to listen and empathize with your situation. 

Please reach out if you need.



Who rated this post