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hmmmmm, it seems that distanced learning at uni is affecting you a lot right now. It sounds super hard not being able to get the support you need from uni with remote learning. I really hope you are able to get the support you need/ or alleviate some of the stress your experiencing!! 


My friend is actually doing a 5 year degree as well. She did end up dropping 1 unit, and is still studying (her degree has been extended for I think a year). From what she has told me, although there was the guilt and perhaps annoyance that she didnt finish her degree ASAP, she was really glad that she took the time to take care of herself - she said that it helped her overall perform better at uni, work and her own personal care 🙂 


I should also add haha - I finished my undergrad degree last year and was initially intending to do a masters straight after (I would have started this year). However, last yeat was A LOT, LIKE REALLY A LOT. And I decided to take a year off instead. Sometimes it is frustrating to think that I could be further on with my uni degree/ closer to my career prospects. However, ultimately I am really glad that I took a year off to heal from everything - I think that I can go back next year a lot more confident! 


You're definitely not a failure. It's totally ok to take some time to figure things out!! And in the long run, generally i feel like taking a break often is a good thing for many aspects of our lives. 

Who rated this post