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I look up to Jazz Thornton.

She experienced childhood trauma, developed mental illness, and attempted 14 times as a teenager.

After some hard work, she is now fully recovered. She is a mental health advocate, set up a charity with another friend, and is about to publish her third book!

I find her really inspiring. She says, 'hope is real, changed is possible.' And her life story really proves that.

I just love seeing her smiling face in social media.

I think that if she can go from such an extremely bad situation, to enjoying life, then I can do the same, no matter how impossible it may seem.


I also admire Alessia Cara. She's a musician (my fav artist) who is open about her mental health. She has composed some great songs that are so relatable and takes what's going on inside me, and puts it into a song.

Who rated this post