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@Squishy12456 thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and musings on society's limited ways of seeing intelligence - it's really interesting to think about. 

I've never delved into the topic in depth like you have here in your posts and I really appreciated your effort in putting them together for us to read. 💚

It made me think of a cartoon I've seen people share that I found really eye opening:




It also made me think of an author I really like called Alfie Kohn who talks a lot about curiosity and cooperation being more conducive to learning than competition.
I love this quote of his: "Those who know they're valued irrespective of their accomplishments often end up accomplishing quite a lot. It's the experience of being accepted without conditions that helps people develop a healthy confidence in themselves, a belief that it's safe to take risks and try new things."


I think often in our society we can get really hung up on expecting people to fit into certain ways of being, and I totally agree with you that we are all different, and we learn, see and hear things differently.

It's so sad that a lot of people end up believing they're not intelligent because their intelligence doesn't fit within a very narrow definition, and their type of intelligence isn't valued as highly as others.


Everyone has something incredible and precious to offer - what would the world be without people who have all the different great characteristics that make up the human race?
I think it'd be such a positive thing if people could be free to fully embrace and celebrate their own uniqueness because we gain so much from diversity. 


Thanks again so much for sharing - I've really loved thinking about it in more depth. 😀

Who rated this post