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Hi @DrummaBoy 

Firstly, thank you for making the choice to reach out and sharing. I can only imagine the courage it would’ve taken because it sounds like you’ve been shouldering a boulder. I can absolutely relate to that roller coaster, it’s something I’ve been experiencing it for a while now and it’s draining 😥

What’s great is that I see you are very reflective, keeping check on patterns in to your mood and emotions. It’s a great preventative measure because you can try catch it early and intervene. When you do get overwhelmed how do you take care of yourself? Is there some activity or hobby you can take up to combat that isolation and loneliness.  
I’m so proud and happy of you in being able to come out! 🌈 and express your true self.  I hope you have the support in others that you couldn’t find in your parents. I know you’ll have all the support here, so you can count on us 💜 This on top of uni and friendship troubles must be knackering. But it’s great to hear you’re doing out there to build more relationships. I want to

acknowledge your mettle and resilience in this situation. I don’t have any experience with male pattern baldness and I can only imagine how this impacts

your self-esteem. I know it’s easy to just say but please be kind to yourself. A strategy I use when I’m overwhelmed Is to recognise and let go if the things I cannot change. 

Just remember these challenges don’t define you. You are valued, loved and worthy. 💜

Who rated this post