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This is yet another great post that highlights something that isn't spoken about enough! Thank you so much for bringing attention to this, @Iona_RO


Nowadays, it's a lot more likely for people to become too invested in their insecurities and imperfections and the media has a lot of influence in this. The strategies you have listed are great and are definitely things that I will be looking into doing, especially the second point as I am terribly guilty of keeping clothes for the day I can fit into them. I can tell that keeping those clothes has had a negative impact on my mindset so I'm eager to see what changes getting rid of them can bring to my thought patterns!


I agree with @fishyie in the sense that social media platforms such as TikTok are being used to represent body types that are not considered to be of 'typical beauty'! I think this celebration of different body types is truly a show of the progress society has made and I'm hoping that this can increase the self-esteem and confidence (self-love is very important!) of everyone when they see people who look like them being adored in the media! 🥰


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Who rated this post