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Hey @Moonpearl , thank you so much for sharing with us today. It can seem daunting so it's really awesome that you took that step and reached out to us! I'm sorry to hear that you're going through so much stress and sadness at the moment. Starting Grade 11 and the ATAR prep would be difficult by itself, and it seems like the situation with this guy is only adding to the pressure and low emotions that you're feeling. It really sucks that the guy seemed so interested in you only for him to get a girlfriend while you were on a break. Your pain is totally valid. 


It can be so hard when life means that you stop exercising and change your eating habits. I know that when I've felt bad, often exercise is just too draining, or you feel like you don't even have time for it, and then your body starts to change in ways that you'd rather it didn't. And that in turn can make you feel worse, as you've mentioned in your post. It can be really disheartening, especially when our minds are so conditioned around the Euro-centric beauty standard. I'm not sure if you've seen the Body Image on Social Media (TW) post here on ReachOut, but I've found it to have some really helpful advice on how to look at my own body. I hope you can find it helpful too 😊


Again, thanks so much for sharing how you're going with us here, and letting us help support you! It's such a big and brave step so kudos to you💙

Who rated this post