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Hi @Magenta_Yak 

We're glad to know that you are safe, and it's really good that you have a mate that you can confide in.


I want to continue to reiterate the amount of courage and bravery you have shown in opening up about this, it really is a huge step forward.

When you say that you tried talking about this before to some people, but they didn't come back and check up on you - Was this with professionals or was it friends?


I'm going to include this article on PTSD which might be of interest to you, and it references the Blue Knot Foundation which is an organisation that specialises in providing information and support for those that have experienced trauma, including childhood sexual assault. This has potential to be triggering for you to read over, so I would encourage you to have some supports in place, even if you let your good mate know what you're doing and then schedule a call or go for a walk with him after you have read over the site. Other options could be contacting 1800 Respect , Lifeline , or Kids Helpline . Please keep us posted on how you're feeling and what is working for you 💙

Who rated this post