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Yeah it is good, thanks.


No it was through a thing called valiant man, wasnt really for those sorts of problems i guess 🤷‍♂️ but was kinda in a group setting where other people were saying some problems they had and i said mine then it felt like a, ah bummer that must be hard good youve said something now... then onto the next person with their problem.


Thanks i had a look over it, it wasnt upsetting to me, but i dont think id like to go to a gp or anything like that, would make me feel like i have a problem which wouldnt help lol, but yeah i dont know why i never called any of those numbers before i spoke to anyone guess ive always been the sort of person not to worry about it.

Its helped talking on here too and to my mate just took me a long long time to do so lol

Who rated this post