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Hey @merde

Thank you for sharing what's going on for you at the moment, it can be difficult to talk about addiction so I really appreciate you talking about it here and that you have been able to reach out for some support.


I also want to say well done for moving on from your last relationship and getting a job and studying at uni - that's huge! I hope you've taken some time to acknowledge that achievement and feel proud of yourself 👏


You mentioned that you have been through many stages in your addiction, and it sounds like you're entering a stage where you'd like some support to reduce your drug use, would that be right? Have you had any support with it in the past?


If you'd like some support or someone to chat to about your struggles with drug use, DirectLine are a confidential and free drug counselling service that are available 24/7. SMART Recovery offer online and in person support meetings too, if you think you'd prefer to connect with people who have similar experiences to you.


I'm also going to send you an email, so have a look out for that coming your way soon 😊

Who rated this post