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Hey @Orange_Falcon

How are you feeling today? I'm also autistic, so I can relate to how difficult finding healthy friendships can be. We have this article on what makes a good friend, which is sometimes handy to check through when you're feeling unsure about whether a friend's behaviour is acceptable or not. It can be a tough one to understand sometimes! But anyone who is emotionally abusive or makes fun/takes advantage of you being autistic is not someone worth being friends with ❤️

Personally, I've found it much easier making friends with other people who are neurodivergent because we just 'get' each other a lot more. Do you have any friends that are also autistic? There are some groups here for autistic people in your local area that might be helpful to look into and connect with 😊

I'm also going to send you an email, so look out for that coming to you soon.

Who rated this post