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Hey @Akinna,


I think you absolutely knocked it out of the park with how you well you approached things after you "crashed" 😊 You have developed a really good mental health/self-care toolkit for yourself, and it clearly has had a positive impact for you, which is super-awesome! 


It sounds like you have been really, really brave lately, not just with going to the concert but getting your license and a new job as well - Well done on mentally preparing yourself for those difficult situations 💜💛


It's completely understandable to have difficulty verbalising about your mental health, you're talking about very difficult issues that can be very upsetting. Did you ask your psych if you could doodle during sessions? With the email that you sent, was that about what you are dealing with at the moment? You mentioned journaling, I'm wondering if you can take that book in with you as a reference to how you're feeling, and use it as a starting point to help verbalise - Is that something that you would feel comfortable with?


Who rated this post