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I’ve replied to your email @Dem--RO thanks I’m safe 🙂


Thanks for your encouragement, I don’t really have a choice except be patient and put up with it.


Yes I’m seeing a new psychologist. I feel like I’m developing a good relationship with her and am getting better at talking. I’ve been sending emails before our sessions with is a good start.

My last session was Thursday and I was just asking about increasing my sessions, which should work for the rest of the year while I have leftover Medicare rebate. Which I would like.

My parents have agreed to let me drive myself to my psychologist appointments, which I like. It gives me a chance to not be around people straight after that type of appointment.

Haven’t talked to her about meds yet because that’s started since our last app. There’s always lots to talk about!


Work is going alright thanks. Been a month now. My boss is nice and understanding (living with multiple chronic illnesses herself). I’ve told her about my bipolar.

Just been a MASSIVE trigger for anxiety. Anyway that’s what psychologists are for. I’ve been talking about it with her.

Lotsss of learning + imposter syndrome + perfectionism + fear of being a burden + sooooo many cognitive distortions= anxietyyy!

But I’m determined to deal with it because I know that avoidance only makes anxiety worse. And I don’t really want my mental health problems to stop me from having an interesting life.

I do feel fortunate to have found this boss.


I left high school early because of my mental health. So I have friends who are graduating right now but I’m not. Which is a little bit triggering. But it’s nice that I do have something cool going on, a new job.

My mental illnesses are really messing with my life and have given me a few ugly chapters. But they haven’t ruined it. Just changed it.

So even though this still sucks it’s nice that time has allowed this viewpoint to develop. Just have to keep reminding myself


And I’ve super recently changed psychiatrists. Which is good. Someone who is younger than my grandparents lol! There were many more reasons for changing. My parents are definitely happier with him. I like him but like I said, I tend to be skeptical.

My most recent appointment was Thursday (booked back to back apps which was full on). He said my newest med should also be helping with anxiety, so wait and see!


The only thing I’ve never really mentioned to a psychiatrist before is dissociation. I have pretty much constant derealisation and depersonalisation. Wake up with it, go to bed with it. My psychologist encouraged me to talk with my psychiatrist about it, but I definitely procrastinated. Haven’t even talked about it with my parents. And Mum sits in on psychiatrist appointments.


i”m good at journaling, but really trying to keep track of how I feel through this med change. Because I need all the ammunition possible in those appointments!

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