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I get you @Voracious_Rooster  

I definitely had, and still have, similar feelings.


Unfortunately you just kind of have to ‘bite the bullet.’ Talking is hard, and I still hate talking about my mental health. But unfortunately, people can’t help if they don’t know what’s wrong.


I knew I needed to see someone but was terrified. Heart pounding, legs shaking, feel like I’m about to through up terrified.


I kind of talked to my parents enough to just get to the GP. There I got a referral to see a psychologist. My GP had some recommendations. We made some phone calls, did some research, and ended up choosing someone from there.


I actually changed psychologists earlier this year. I emailed the psychologist of a family friend. He wasn’t suitable for me, but he was able to provide some recommendations, and I chose someone from his list, and am happy with my choice. So a little bit of research might be needed!


Talking with someone at school is optional. My experience was getting valuable support from student services and the school chaplain. A few extra people on my side. They helped me talk to my parents a bit. They gave me a safe space during the school day. They made me feel a little less alone.


You get to choose what you share with everyone. You might find it easier to start with small bits of information. But the more honest you are, the better help you can get.


I actually find written communication much easier than verbal communication. Whether that’s a text or email, it’s a strategy I still use to communicate what’s going on.


You say your friends agree with you… so you have already talked to someone about your mental health! That proves you can talk with someone else.


I know all this is hard. It took me a few years to ask for help. But it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Asking for help is hard, but staying like ‘this’ is hard. You kind of have to choose your hard.


It’s definitely not smooth sailing yet, but asking for help has got me started on the road to recovery. I’m getting some quality of life back. No one said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.

Who rated this post