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Hey @Dem--RO 

I like the idea of saying it’s a trial.


Don’t really have a set ‘game plan.’ I’d already booked some extra psychologist appointments, weekly instead of fortnightly. Had to convince my mum about that one, and reassure her I was willing to pay for the extra ones 😅 There will be a two week gap over the holiday period, but am currently thinking I want to keep that frequency going through the new year if possible. I need it. But probably going to depend on what happens with the Medicare rebates for the new year.


I already have a list of helplines, and countless playlists. I kind of already have a journaling routine, although I’ve never been good at self care. Also never looked into the regular one-on-one peer chat sessions.


I’m just kind of sick of talking about my mental health with my parents. They’re good parents, but talking about my mental health is hard work. And these days I have a psychologist I can talk to now. She’s going to be more helpful than my parents, and I’m not going to feel guilty for talking to her or worry about her worrying about me because that is literally her job. I just don’t want to be talking to my parents about any details at the moment.


I’m in two minds about this psychiatrist appointment delay. I don’t want to be dealing with medication changes over the new year period because I have family from Queensland coming over, and I don’t want new side effects ruining it.

But at the same time, I’ve just had a big medication change in the last few months, and I know the dosage is too low. So if I saw my psychiatrist, he would probably increase it, and that might help.

But at the same time I can’t be bothered dealing with trying to change appointments because it’s tiring.


Lots of fun 🙃

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