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Hey@-pringles- It's so lovely hearing from you! How have you been? 😊


Thank you for keeping us updated and sharing more about what has been going on for you. It sounds like you have been really busy lately, with returning to the workforce and volunteering your time to work with an organisation but you're also taking steps to complete your Certificate. That is so amazing to hear! How are you feeling about everything so far? 


You mentioned that you were keen on expanding your friendship circle and so I wanted to share an article that I came across recently from Kids Helpline. If you are interested in having a read at all, you can check it out here. I also saw that you mentioned wanting to lose your virginity, which is a really personal, and sometimes even scary, decision to make. So if it helps, we do have some really great articles that discuss everything from safe sex to what to expect, which you can check out here. I also just wanted to remind you that we're always here if you ever want to talk 💜

Who rated this post