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@Taylor-RO my family not trying to understand my bipolar is really hurtful and confusing.


I had my psychologist appointment today and she's really encouraging me just to talk to my parents about this. The psychiatrist who diagnosed me gave us almost no information about bipolar. Mum was still doubting the diagnosis when we met a second psychiatrist a year later. I don't know how my family feels now.


So I have just ended up making a 6 page bipolar fact sheet about me. Complete with signs of each episode, ways to support me, my current coping stratergies, important things to keep on top of, extra notes, a good bipolar website link, and then of course screen shots of multiple excellent bipolar-themed instagram posts that do a really good job of explaining stuff. Plus a thank you at the end, I found a picture of a brain holding up a 'thank you' sign. Only thing I could add now is a meme, although I don't want to scare them with the dark sense of humour bipolar has given me 🙃


I think it's a good idea to educate my parents more. No one else has. Now I just have to decide how much and when...


I'm really not asking for much from them. Just simple check-ins is all I really need.


My next psychiatrist appointment is 14 January, so I have until then to tell my parents I'm going on my own. I've decided they honestly don't have a say in this one. I'm thinking a week is enough time for them to start to get used to the idea, but not too much time for them to try and potentially talk me out of it. But, my psychologist said it's not about them, it's about me.


That depressive episode seems to have actually lifted (a very rare occurance). They're all bad, but that was the worst in a while. And I'm actually feeling excited. That is not a normal emotion for me. Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year and we have family over. It's so weird to actually feel a little excited about something. Whenever a depressive episode lifts, I'm just like 'wow, this is how you've all been living?' But then I am immediately on the lookout for signs of a hypomanic episode because there are definitely some right now and I am always suspicious about my mood.


As I'm sure you guys know, mental illness can make holiday time-periods stressful because you're faking the same emotions as everyone else. No routine, more noise, less personal space and more time around people. At least this time we're not going away anywhere. I'm hoping I'll be able to enjoy this time with family.



When I take a while to reply I'm just processing everything 🙂

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