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Hi @Tulip_Finch❤️

I'm really sorry to hear about your dad passing. I imagine yesterday would've been a really tough day, and can totally understand why you might be feeling upset today too. Did you do anything to take some time to remember him yesterday?


Dealing with the death of a close family member is really difficult, so I'm really glad you've reached out for some support. I'm wondering if you've been able to chat to another family member or a counsellor about your dad passing away? Griefline is a great option if you'd like some support with the grief you're feeling. Do you have any favourite memories of your dad that you'd like to share?


I noticed you have created quite a few different posts this morning, so I'll try keep everything in one place so it's less confusing for you to read 🙂Here's some tips on how to create a post, so you can pop everything into one post in the future).


You mentioned feeling sad in the mornings and struggling to get to work. Is that because of something that's happened at work, or because you're feeling low in general?


You also talked about being bullied when you were at school and feeling like you're annoying everyone. Do you have any friends at the moment? Do you want to try to find some new friends?


Looking forward to hearing back from you so we can support you some more 🙂

Who rated this post