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Hi @nukiii welcome to the forums, we're really glad to have you with us. Thank you for sharing your story with us, it sounds really intense for you at the moment so it's good that you've decided to seek some support. Seems that this situation is really having a pretty big impact on you and your family, especially the really up and down nature of your mum's behaviour. It does sound like your parents love you very much, and you just want them to be happy together. 


Do you have much support outside of your family? A trusted friend or perhaps a counsellor or someone you could talk to about what you're going through? A good place to start might be to have a chat with the lovely folks over at Kids Helpline. Being able to vent freely and feel heard can make a world of difference. 


It sounds like you're doing your best to be supportive and caring for them, which is really incredible. But it can get really overwhelming if you're coping with it all on your own. Do you think your parents know how much this is affecting you? It sounds like they could use some support of their own too, do you think they'd be open to counselling or something like that? 



We also have a couple resources you might find helpful to read through, for some insights and coping tools - 

How to deal with your parents fighting all the time

Conflict with family

Or have a read through more articles here


I hope that even just talking about it here with us can help you to feel less alone in this situation, and of course we will do our best to support you along the way. 

Who rated this post