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Hi @Page


Welcome to the ReachOut Community!


It seems that there is a huge shift in your school life that you're unhappy about. It also seems that you have started to plan ahead. It is a good thing that you have started to think about university. 


I can imagine how difficult it must be for you to stress about the future and your present at the same time. On one hand you are concerned about your grades and final year of highschool, while on the other you are thinking ahead of funding your uni. Year 12 is indeed a stressful year that makes you feel like you are standing at a cliff. 


It is great that you are seeing a doctor regarding your mental health. That is the most important part here -taking care of yourself. Please continue to take care of your mental and physical health. 


Have faith in your future.....there are always different ways to reach your goal and I'm sure something good will come out. There are alot of scholarships and financial assistance programs in uni. So don't stress too much. Universities want to help students out. You could always consult with universities or your school counsellors to look for options that suit you. Having a talk with someone and looking at the available options might ease you down after you discover the possibilities...


As far as your academic grades in high school, I can see that you are really concrened regarding the drop in grades. Just remember that even if you don't do well as expected...there are other ways to get your desired program e.g. bridging program or diploma programs offered by universities are designed in ways that can help students catchup and not waste additional years. These are cross credited back to the degrees. You can explore more (I think it is different for each uni).


You also mentioned about demotivation. I'm wondering if something had played a role in the shift? 


Have you spoken to your doctors regarding this? Are you on meds? there are cases where meds for depression and anxiety may affect an individual's mood. It's not always the case, but it's always good to have a chat with your doctor about your feelings as well. 


I think it's really brave of you to reach out to people. Keep on taking care of yourself and if you ever want to vent or discuss life stuff....or even ask for uni advice feel free to chat with us.


We've been through the scary school to uni transition and we'd love to be there with you too.


Take care🙂 and we are rooting for you!

Who rated this post