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Hey! Welcome to posting on the forums! Thank you so much for having the courage to speak out about how you feel. 


I can undertand that you are going through a touch time atm with your friend and her breaking your trust.. im so sorry that you are going through this tough time. 


In my exprience confronting your friend, although scary is something that is really important, espcially if you value this friendship. If she did wrong by you, telling her how you feel and working out how to move past it is a really benfical way to have your feelings validated and working things out with your friend. And if she doesnt appericate your feelings, is she a really a good friend? 


I know it can be so daughting confronting people in school but I think it will put your mind and ease and hopefully presents to your friend that she crossed a one of your bounderies and she wont do it again. 


I hope you are okay and looking after yourself suring this tough time 💗 I hope it all resolves with your friend xx 

Who rated this post