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Feeling like nothing has been going on for me

Context: I got my diploma and certificate for graphic design in 2021. I freelanced a bit and had a casual job (for more stable income). My dad had told me to work in vinyl decaling, it made me a fair bit of money but I hated it. Then I worked in corporate for 6 months and then was let go because I wasn't efficient enough/they thought I knew a bit more than they expected (which is fine because I didn't like it and found that it killed my creativity). So I was lost for a couple months until I found a casual café job that I don't mind doing. 


I went to a friend's house yesterday and two of my friends and my friend's parent was talking about uni and medical science stuff. And so I just kinda sat there in silence as they were talking and thought "man, they got things going on in their life" I feel as if I've been at a standstill in my life for a few months (well, mainly my career path). Been thinking about a few options on what to do in continuing my career:


Option 1: do cafe casual work - wait for contract positions to open (because its very dry out there at the moment for jobs) and that I won't hate

Option 2: do cafe casual work - study more to feel a bit more qualified? 

Option 3: just find full time job or part time/something to be a bit more committed to and someone that can accept you. And one that I'm not gonna hate


I've been getting a lot of shifts and long ones at the cafe so its been hard to think about this lately. 

Writing this I realise that I have the power to get out of this slump and to chose an option but everyday that passes I just feel more and more like a blob.

Who rated this post