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Hi @Blue_Hedgehog

Thank you for using the forums to receive some support! It sounds like there is a lot going on for you at once which may have contributed to how you're feeling. 


I understand that school can be overwhelming, in particular year 12. Please know that you are not alone. Many students feel exactly the same. Although I am at university, I still get terrible anxiety at the start of the term and toward the end when exams are due. Sometimes I still experience panic attacks too. It is so common. Also, please try not to put so much pressure on yourself as the HSC is not what predicts your future. There are so many pathways for heaps of careers, so the possibilities are endless. Plus, you're almost finished your final year, and are trying your very best so you should be so proud of yourself! 


Have you considered practicing some self-care? Self-care can be anything that you enjoy that may help reduce those negative feelings. It could be things like going for a walk, drawing, watching TV or Netflix, playing a video game, etc. 



Who rated this post