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Hey @Lapis_Anteater  

Thanks for this post, I think it's really helpful to hear other people's experience especially if you don't know what to expect.


The first time I saw a psychologist it was the school counsellor and I didn't know what was supposed to happen in the session. I thought by the end of the first session everything had to be resolved or that's what she was expecting so I just agreed with everything she said and  didn't go back (like when a teacher asks if you understand now but you don't want to look dumb so you just nod 😂).


In truth, it's okay to meet the therapist exactly where you are. That might mean needing a few sessions to feel comfortable with the therapist or admitting that you didn't try the thing they mentioned or even just that you don't know what to expect in these sessions. It's not about trying to impress them, but just coming as you are. I also want to say it might take some time to feel like it's helpful but takes things at your own pace, try and be patient and kind to yourself as you go. It's also okay (and very normal) to need to try with a few different therapists to find the one that fits. It was actually my fourth therapist where  it clicked, and she's made me realise insights that have really helped me understand myself for the better.  

Who rated this post