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Hi @Lapis_Anteater

This is a really great post, thank you for thinking of it.


I remember when I had my first appointment with a psychologist I was so nervous, didn't know what to expect and I was having second thoughts about going ahead with it. You might not feel comfortable sharing everything right away with them and that's okay, it gets easier over time. It's also super important to connect with your psychologist and to have a good relationship with them because it will be more effective, and if you don't get along with your psychologist it's totally okay to find another one! I personally didn't gel with my first psychologist and ended up seeing someone else and they were absolutely amazing.


You're right, being honest, upfront and having open communication is so important. I remember being asked a few quite personal questions which kind of made me uncomfortable but I was honest when answering the questions. It also definitely requires a lot of patience to find the strategies that work for you.

Who rated this post