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Hey @Ultramarine I'm so sorry that you are going through this right now. I'm so glad that you have felt like you can share this with us, it can be so difficult to be open about SH. It's also really lovely that you have such a supportive friend to be there with you as well. 


It is very normal to be in a state of shock right now, so don't forget to breathe, take it slow, and try not to shame yourself if you can. You've done amazingly by taking the steps you've already taken - telling a friend, seeking professional support, making your space safer, and opening up about it with us here in the community. You get my kudos for that, I think you're really brave! 


Very normal to feel a bit stressed before going into a counselling appointment, especially if it's your first time, or when seeing someone new. I think writing it down is a great idea! Would have been my first suggestion haha. And if you do end up very choked up, you will be with compassionate people who can hold a safe space for you while you're feeling so vulnerable. You could also contact KHL any time - you could even treat it like a practice run before you see the counsellor. Also a great source of support to keep handy if you find yourself really struggling again.


We do have some articles that you can have a read through when you're ready:

What is self-harm?

Self-help for self-harm

Greenbox - tool for managing SH urges


Be gentle and kind to yourself over the coming days, you deserve care and compassion from within and without. And we'll be here to walk beside you as you go 💚

Who rated this post