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Hi @uncaged


Thank you for posting about you situation and you thoughts here on the Forums. It takes real courage and strength to talk about big issues like you have done here and you are really brave in being vulnerable too. Sometimes things happen in our lives that are out of our control and they are really challenging to deal with like you having to move overseas and away from your highschool and friends.


It's so great to hear that you spoke with your parents and told them how you are feeling about moving overseas. It does sound like you have a relationship where to can talk to them about important things for you. You mentioned your sister and I am wondering do you talk to her about how you are feeling or do you know what's going through her mind? 


Given the situation it's understandable that you are struggling with the thought of being overseas and in a new school where you don't speak the language very well. I think these are thoughts that most people would have and it's perfectly normal to have concerns like you do. Have you ever called Kids Helpline to have a chat with a Counsellor? It can be really helpful to talk with someone who understands the feelings and emotions you are expereincing. 

I'm going to send you an email to check in with you about your safety and the thoughts about not wanting to wake up. I hear your concerned that these might get worse and you don't trust yourself  when you are overseas and that you are scared. Please respond when you recieve it and we can talk more about it in that private space.

This is a big thing and it's totally understandable you are feeling scared but it's so awesome that you can talk about it. Please reach out here on the Forums anytime to discuss your feelings and thoughts with the community. We are here to support you as you go through this challenging time and change in your life.

Take care 


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