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Hi @sunset_hues


That is such a good saying. I’m going to steal it 😂. I used to have a very ridged way of defining an acceptable life. So, initially it was very difficult to let that go as I felt like a failure. But I really think the perspective I have now on the world is much healthier because of the re-evaluation. There is this sense of grief for what could have been, but I think I have (mostly) accepted that it wasn’t meant to be.


At the start of treatment, I kind of thought that getting better would mean I would go back to my previous normal. But I think a new normal was created and I’m still trying to accept that and recognise that I’m just as valuable as I am now in comparison to who I was. I don’t feel like the mental health professional prepared me for this aspect properly. I know they’re meant to hold optimism, but I think it’s necessary to acknowledge that it will not be that same, and that it is okay.


Did you experience something similar?


We really do love the new appreciation especially for the little things. Like being able to just enjoy activities properly.

Who rated this post