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Hi @pigletlover333


Firstly, welcome to the ReachOut Youth forums, we are so glad you have found us!


Making and maintaining friends can be really difficult, especially when you are struggling in other areas of your life. It requires hard work and persistence and when you are putting all your effort into nurturing your mental health it can be difficult to find the energy to devote that amount of effort to fostering friendships. I want you to know this is not a reflection on you as a person. On our website we have an article hub on friendships you may like to check out.


You also mention navigating a new relationship, I hear you are feeling confused about experiencing difficulty connecting with her. It is understandable to have these struggles and conflicting emotions when you have so much going on right now. Perhaps you could check out this article on getting into a relationship and see if anything resonates.


You also describe experiencing depression and anxiety for many years. It sounds like your recent visit to the doctor was unhelpful and invalidating, I hope this does not discourage you from continuing reaching out for help. I am curious if this was the first time you have seen a doctor for mental health support? Have you ever been given a referral to a mental health professional? The symptoms you describe sound incredibly distressing and appear to be greatly impacting your life.  I want you to know there is help out there and if your current doctor is dismissing your concerns you are within your rights to seek a second opinion.


I wonder what you have tried in the past to help with your depression and anxiety? We have some articles on our website which include some self-help tips and information on how to seek professional support which you could explore. I also encourage you to check out other posts on our forums, you may find there are other young people with similar experiences who you can connect with here.


By the way I will be sending through an email shortly so keep your eyes out for that 😊

Who rated this post