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Year 12 Leavers/Formal

Hey guys, first post from me.


Lately at school I have felt distant from who I would've considered my 'friend group'. 


Home life is stressful and so is my casual job (I work almost everyday). I only attend school when I can't do the work at home on my laptop; my social anxiety has made going a lot harder this year as its my final year. 


Before I started ditching classes my 'friend group' would have multiple group chats and make plans frequently without me. I would be the ONLY one excluded. So that made my 'friendship' with theses people feel so fake and/or forced.


I now barely ever talk to or see any of them as I usually go straight to class and then straight home; I don't even go to my locker. If I am there during breaks I sit outside by myself or continue working in the classroom.


This brings us around to my question; do I go to my year 12 dinner?



1. I'd be going by myself.

2. It'd be uncomfortable to sit with my old friend group or on a table with the other loners. No thanks.

3. There is no after-party. I'd be at the dinner for 4hrs and then come home.

4. I graduate BEFORE leavers. I leave school and then leavers is 2 weeks later? 

5. This whole thing is so stressful it makes me panic, I feel it might be easier to just not go; do my exams then never go back.



Who rated this post