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Hi @Pink_panda


Welcome to the ReachOut Youth Forums, we are so glad you have found us!


It really sounds like you are juggling so much right now and feeling quite stressed in multiple facets of your life. Navigating friendships can be a tough and it sounds like you haven’t felt valued by these people for a while. You deserve to have friends in your life that bring you joy and who you look forward to spending time with. We have a range of content on our website including articles and quizzes on the topic of friendships and I wonder if checking these out may help you evaluate these relationships and whether you want to continue investing in them. On the other hand, I do understand why you are struggling with this decision as finishing year 12 is a massive achievement worth celebrating! @Indigo_blue has offered you some great food for thought to help you weigh up your options. I would like to add that if you choose not to go, I encourage you to celebrate this milestone in your own way as it is an accomplishment worth being proud of. Congratulations! 🥳


You mention in your post that you have been experiencing social anxiety and panic. I am curious if you have ever spoken to anyone or received any support for this? I have included some links with information and self-help strategies you may like to check out. You also may like to try this quiz to see what help is available that best suits your needs. I want to commend you for having the courage to reach out for support today and I hope you are able to make some connections in this community with other young people facing similar challenges.

Who rated this post