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Tell me how you make the most of your day!

Hey everyone!


I'm fairly new to the ReachOut Community, and I'm hoping you guys can help me out. 


I want to make the most of my day- adding in activities or errands that I can complete so I have a motivation to get up earlier and feel more productive. Obviously, there are days where we feel like we need a rest, or a long break to catch up on life. That often happens in my life when I've had a completely hectic week seeing friends or working both my jobs in one day. When this happens I often get into bed and read my book or watch a comfort movie. And that's okay! We all need our physical, mental and social breaks - and no one should ever feel ashamed to do so. 


However, on the days where I'm feeling completely productive and needing to get some tasks done, I struggle with organising myself or scheduling everything I have to do to make it more efficient.


Do you guys have any tips? Especially with all this beautiful sunny weather, I want to make the most of each day! 




Who rated this post