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Hi@elkamarina04 I've also been struggling with this a bit over the last few months but I've found this routine helpful for me (you could be completely different but this is just a suggestion):

1. Once dressed I get some paper and dump any random things in my head so they don't distract me (like worries for certain things I have to do or just lyrics from a song stuck in my head). Think this is called a mind-dump, this explains it better:,%2C%20wo....


2. I then go on the exercise I have at home and do some deep breathing for 5-10 minutes to wake me up


3. I then create a list of timed intervals of 50 minutes from the morning to dinner with 10/15 minute breaks to get an idea of how much time I have in the day and write down what I'll work on/do in each one (tip: no matter how much you don't want to, DO THE TASKS YOURE DREADING/FINDING HARDEST 1st so they're out of the way first and give you more time to do other things you enjoy).


4. And then I try and start working before my brain overthinks and second guesses my plan


5. after each session/b4 a break I usually write what went well/what didn't/what to follow up on so that way I can improve from each study period and see my progress in a subject/task. 

6. I then literally do whatever I want for 10/15 minutes (unless it's a lunch break. Then it's 20/25 minutes)


7. Repeat until dinner and unwind for rest of night (do this so you can be motivated to maximise your work in the day and have something to look forward to).


Again, just a suggestion but that's how I work. Hopes this helps 🙂

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