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Hi @Blueberry_Kudu


Thank you so much for making this post! This is so relatable. 🙂


I think I am currently in a very similar situation. I have literally just finished my university studies about a month ago, and have been looking for jobs. Gradually, the uncertain-nature of job search has increased my anxiety; compared to applying for a university course and summer programs, the outcome of a job application just feels so much more mysterious/enigmatic/dubious to me. (I can hardly find the right word to describe it😅) While yes, there are usually clear selection criteria, there are very limited spots for a job compared to the places for students in an university; it honestly feels like I'm never quite sure why someone is selected or not selected for the job. (if that makes sense) To make things harder, a lot of places don't really give a reply, so it can really evoke feelings of self-doubt and a lack of clarity/what to do better next time; however, that has meant that, I am very grateful for any reply I have gotten, because it serves as a sort of recognition and validation.


As to managing these feelings of anxiety, I am still learning as well. It's the first time I've been in this kind of situation; so far, I think setting regular goals and valuing time for hobbies/interaction with others has kept me in a relatively healthy state. Another thing I've started doing recently is thinking about other options I may have, including possibly going to organizations in person and asking for any relevant volunteering opportunities; I've also reflected upon my applications and tried to improve the presentation of my resume/cover letter. In summary, I think focusing on what I can do in the present, accepting the uncertain nature of job search, and not over-pressuring myself has helped with anxiety.


Hope this helps, and once again I'm so glad you made this post! 😄



Who rated this post