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Hey @Blueberry_Kudu

Like @Greenfern said, thank you for the relatable post. It helps a lot to see people going through similar situations as mine, though I guess mine's a bit different. 

Although I will start university next year, as I just finished my pathway course, I'm also seeking a job. I have thoughts just like you and also a bit of occasional self-criticism too. You know, most friends of mine already have a job or at least experience, while I haven't even finished my first resume. I will soon encounter my first working experience ever so I'm a little nervous now haha. I don't even know where to start or if I would be able to find a job with no previous experience of any kind. My only hope is a few volunteering experiences that could make me stand out a bit more. 

To manage my anxiety, I often practice self-talk and self-reassurance. I usually tell myself that the thing I should focus on the most right now is my mental health since I have a few months of break before uni starts and I'm still on my way to recovering from academic burnout. I mean, I would not be able to do anything if I'm mentally unstable so I thought a little self-assurance on what's the most important thing to me right now would help. I also tell myself that my resume doesn't seem that bad, with volunteering experience and academic activities, it seems quite decent. 

I hope this helps:)

Who rated this post