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Hey @frogonthelake


Thank you for your reply!! That is absolutely okay that you haven't started your first resume, everyone does things at a different pace, I was the same as you. Definitely look into volunteering, it can be really helpful with gaining some work experience and shows future employers that you are eager to learn. 


Ohh that's so cool, what do you plan on studying and what kind of work experience will you be doing? Practicing self-talk and self-assurance sounds like it would be helpful, I definitely need to do more of that, I sometimes get stuck in a cycle of negative thinking patterns which is not great, but I try to be positive.


I totally get what you mean with the academic burnout, that's how I feel right now after finishing uni. Prioritising mental health is important, but sometimes difficult.  


All the best with your first work experience, very exciting! 

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