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Hi @Blueberry_Kudu

I completely relate to this, while I am still studying, I am already stressing about what I will do after uni. I am trying to decide whether I should continue studying or work, whether I need to try and find work in the industry now but that's hard because of my uni timetable. Then when I don't get the grade I want in the subject I enjoy or want to be the main focus of my career it does cause a lot of anxiety. 


To manage it, I talk to friends who are currently studying or have finished recently to help them understand that it can take time and the grades don't always matter. I also try to talk to people within the industry they help me understand that a uni degree is only one part of the job possibly and it's not everything. I am also considering seeking out our career counsellor this year to help me see what pathway I could take. 

Who rated this post