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Hey @Parker_rxecxr

As a person who has been through a similar situation back in high school, I feel you. Although I don't know your exact situation with your friends, I can see a part of myself in your words. And you know what, you did what I could not years ago: reach out to people and make plans for bonding. Even though it didn't end up very well, I admire you for not giving up. 

For me after high school, I started to move to a new place, meet new people and gain new experiences. Although my social circle is still limited and I don't have that many close friends to hang out with, I still have my good friends who are always there for me. I also started to learn how to be with myself and my solitude, thanks to the experience I had in high school. I mean, what I want to say is that there will definitely be someone out there for you in the near future as everyone has said. And maybe being alone is not all bad, depending on your situation and your feelings toward it, but spending time with yourself more may help with your self-understanding, as well as helping you deal with loneliness more efficiently! 

There is still hope and more good people will be in your life someday. As Blueberry_Kudu said, it takes time. Thank you for sharing and here's a big hug from me. Loading Hug GIF by MOODMAN

Who rated this post