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Super frequent scribe

have made a post about it already today so i will take a portion of it just to make it easier to type out.

"TW: drugs//jail// mental health crisis// fights


so a while ago we had this guy come to school to talk about his life experiences.

basically, he had a really traumatic experience as a young child and this led him down a path of drugs and fighting later on. 

he then talked about his experiences with jail and how he was sent to isolation for 28 days and on one of the days he absolutely lost it, had a full breakdown in the cell. 

he also talked about his mental health issues, which resonated with me a decent amount.

when the presentation was finished, him and his partner went to the other side of the classroom so that if anyone wanted to ask question or talk to them, they could. i remember going up to this guy and being like "as another person with pretty crappy mental health problems thankyou" and we had a long talk about it all and it was oddly satisfying to vent to a complete stranger that i hadn't even heard of previously, after this, he told me to get tell everything to his partner so i did, was also super refreshing.

i even casually slipped in the fact that my parents and their politics got in the way of accepting that I'm queer, i was expecting a negative response from them but they just sat there and listened."


this taught me that hiding and bottling up emotions is not healthy and you should always try to find someone to talk to when things get rough in life. It taught me that there are still good people in the world who are willing to listen to your vents and actually accept you for you. 


also taught a very important lesson about not partaking in drugs. 


Who rated this post