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I want to help stop this

TW: spoilers for the anime film Belle/hard home life stuff depicted in it-IM OK BY THE WAY

So recently I watched this film called Belle about a girl called Suzu who joins this online community called U and uses the online persona Belle to post her music to find a place of belonging after years of feeling depressed and alone ever since her mum passed away.

It’s a great, visually pleasing and moving film, but near the end it touched on some intense stuff.

Mainly the physical and verbal abuse another U user and his brother faces that gets broadcasted live to EVERYONE on the internet and a hardhitting ‘everyone says they’ll help me but they don’t actually follow through so I need to endure this LEAVE ME ALONE’ monologue that shook me to the core.

This made me remember some frightening statistics I read a while ago while researching for school about this topic and think ‘wait…this might be too often a reality for some people! It SHOULDN’T be a reality for ANYONE!!!!!’

So I just need to know, what can I do to help people in a similar situation?

As much as I’d like to cos I’m so angry and horrified, I don’t think I can just bust down the door of the perpetrator and confront them like Suzu did in the movie (for privacy and safety reasons) are there any organistations I can support, any websites I can read up on, any social awareness events etc? Or better yet, what are some language and attitudes towards this I need to change and/or keep in mind to prevent and address any stigma around this issue?

No one should be treated the way those kids were treated. EVER.

(sorry if this sounded really angry)

Who rated this post