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Hi @Lemon_Dolphin


I haven't personally tried an online book club, but you might want to check out (though it's U.S. based). Both the city of Melbourne and the city of Sydney also host online book clubs. Additionally, there's the booktokbookclub (Australia-based) and the shameless book club (also Australia-based), which seem to be more targeted towards young people.


Congratulations on finishing Year 12 and starting uni! What degree will you be studying? I understand it can be challenging to make friends in an online setting, but group projects might provide opportunities to connect with your peers. 


It's completely reasonable to wait a bit before getting a new job, especially with the adjustment to uni. Starting a degree is a significant change, and it's important to prioritise your well-being. When you do decide to look for a job, is there a specific type of job or industry you're interested in applying for? 


Who rated this post