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Hey @Melon_Cod88


I admire your ability to be rational with yourself when you said that your roommates were discussing your communication skills behind your back. I think it is definitely important to be kind to yourself and remind yourself that you have dyslexia and adhd and that might impact your communication skills sometimes. It's also excellent recognising your strength in adademia! It wasn't very nice of them to talk about you behind your back like that, I can tell that's very hard and personal for you and that really sucks.


I think the attempt at limiting your independence and then criticising you for relying on them is probably a big red flag and something that should be addressed if you're going to live in the same space together. As is the comments about your cleanliness and the lack of recognition for your efforts. I can understand from your perspective that this defintely makes them come across as untrustworthy. 


Whether you move out or not is defintely up to you. I think perhaps an assertive conversation with them about it could be a good idea, addressing all of these issues and the way that these incidents have made you feel. It's also probably a good idea to discuss what will be done moving forward to ensure that you don't feel like this or are treated like this in the future.



Who rated this post