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Comfort characters/stories

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share about something that's always helped me through tough times, and helped me to love myself more. Comfort characters are commonly brought up in online fandoms, but I really believe that in addition to just being something fun to talk about, they can also be a great source of strength, resilience and self-love. 

Does anyone want to share about a character, or even a novel/show (any piece of media, really!) that's perhaps helped you figure things out about yourself, or helped uplift you? Maybe you see yourself in them, and following their journey makes you feel stronger. Maybe they take great care of themselves and the people around them, and it inspires you. Maybe their character growth makes you feel hopeful for the future.

I find that it's something really nice to reflect on! For instance, when I'm feeling hopeless, I turn to my favourite character Kim Dokja (from Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint)! I see myself in him because we have very similar values and ways of thinking, and we both use fiction as a way to survive reality. Seeing how determined and strong he is makes me feel that I could be that way too! And despite his feelings of isolation, by the end of the novel he has found a little group of people who love him to bits, and it reminds me that my friends and family are always there for me.

I'd love to hear about you guys' comfort characters or stories, and how they help you take care of yourself 📖 Maybe we'll find we have something in common, or we'll discover new fictional worlds to explore!!

Who rated this post