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Hey @Kenzie

I've definitely felt like this before in high school and have been in your position in a sense. Is there any reason specifically for wanting to be more popular at school? How are you feeling now in your current friend group? Are there any specific reasons for wanting to move groups?


In regards to making more friends I would defintely try to communicate with them more and find ways to get closer. You could perhaps ask to sit with them at lunches and such from time to time? I know that for me when I was in high school, the group that I sat in at lunch became very close-knit because some of the best and funniest memories took place at lunch time and it was a bonding experience sitting together and eating. This could be a very good first step before branching out and, as previously suggested by another user, doing activities and social plans and such with them. Defintely also a good idea to try and find common interests with them, as these can lead to bonding experiences too.


Best of luck to you 🙂



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