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Hey @Dye_Ella , welcome to the community and thanks for reaching out😊

That sounds like a pretty interesting dream! Dreams in general are pretty interesting, especially how sometimes the things we're fretting over during our waking hours can seep into them in all sorts of weird ways. 

I think 'reasons' or 'causes' for dreams are a tricky area because some people don't believe dreams mean anything, whereas some have quite spiritual beliefs around dreams. In my opinion, dreams could be a good way of getting you to reflect on feelings that you might have buried subconsciously. How do you feel about it, and is there something you want to get out of this dream?

Anyway, it sounds like you really wanted to offer Owen some compassion in your dream, which is sweet. How is your friendship like with him in real life? How did your dream make you feel, considering your feelings for him?

Who rated this post