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Hey @Lemon_Dolphin


It sounds like you are going through a very tough time at the moment.


Life can sometimes get incredibly overwhelming and it seems impossible to do everything that is expected of you. I think it's a great idea to have a chat with someone who you trust about how you are going right now. 


As you mentioned I dont think it is a great idea to tell your boss to be quiet, often a response like that can lead to greater consequences. However, I think it is a great idea to set boundaries at work. When workers are younger (I remember this with my first few jobs) bosses sometimes can take advantage of the power inbalance between bosses and staff, and ask you to do things that are not fair to you. You are under no obligation to change shifts on short notice, and if you are a casual staff you have every right to take work off when you need it (even if your boss pushes you to work). Make sure you are doing what's best for you and aren't pushed too much by other people's expectations.


I lemongrass ginger tea and a book sounds like a fantastic way to do a bit of self-care.


Hopefully you got to have a chat with your pastors wife at some point this week! 


Who rated this post